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Don’t ignore the “Contact us” page

Web design companies tend to ignore the importance of well designed contact pages. Due to this fact many lead generation and e-commerce sites have not user-friendly and weak contact pages even when the rest of their sites have well thought out designs. Since the contact page is where potential customers can start and complete the process of doing business, it certainly pays to make that page a marketing powerhouse. Here are tips for a solid contact page.

• Keep form fields to a minimum. The more form fields users must complete, the less likely they’ll be to complete and submit the form.

• Stack form fields vertically –horizontally aligned columns can cause display issues and confuse users.

• Use dropdown menus to guide users. Don’t make your users compose messages in required-field text boxes: it requires too much thinking. Instead, give them options so they can simply make a one-click selection.

• Make the “submit” button large. If users need to spend even a fraction of a second figuring out where the submit button is or how it works, you will lose a good percentage of them.

• Only ask for personal information when it’s really important. If a user has to give up an email address, phone number or credit card number, you have to give them something valuable in return. Otherwise, users will run away.

• Be clear with your page title and navigation. Contact pages are not the greatest place to flex your creative muscles. Don’t give your contact page a clever or vague title, like “Connection” or “Reach Out”.

• Don’t display other forms on your contact page. We’ve had to catch ourselves on this one: we frequently put contact forms in page sidebars or footers, but obviously they should be removed.

• Keep your contact form above the fold. Contact pages seldom need lengthy copy anyway; but if it’s necessary, put it below your form.

• Remove additional design elements from the page. You want users to focus on submitting the form.

• Provide additional contact options such as street addresses and phone numbers. This adds credibility and attracts users who would rather pick up the phone than fill out a form.